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 Custom Landscape & Patio is Western New York's only exclusive patio and retaining wall installer.  This benefits you because we don't have a lawn cutting schedule to keep. We also cater to Do-it-yourself'ers, see more information below and on our DIY Supply Center page. 

We are also your hometown dealer for home heating during the fall and winter months. We sell PELLET and WOOD STOVES and FIREPLACES. Please see our Fireplaces and Stoves page for more information. 

For over 20 years, we have been designing and installing:

-concrete paver patios
-concrete block retaining walls
-stone water features
-heat features
-outdoor kitchens
-outdoor living areas

(See our Services page for more information on different types of projects!)

We have created and built several completely unique and custom features in our customer's yards including but not limited to beer coolers made of stone, walls with waterfalls, patios with outdoor speaker systems which are camouflaged  and much more!

For your customized outdoor kitchen, we exclusively carry Napoleon Lifetime Guaranteed Roll Cabinet Grills and Built in Grill components
. The Roll Cabinet models offer some great features as well as a ton of storage space. As for totally customizing your outdoor kitchen, some of the built-in components include:

- Grill Heads that range from 570 of cooking area to 1156 of cooking area
-refrigerator cabinets
-propane tank cabinets with convenient slide out drawers 
-trash can and paper towel holders
-trays that turn a drawer into a cooler  

As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and we express that pride in our work through our guarantees. You will NOT find a better guarantee than ours.
Our patio installation comes standard with:
-a 7 year guarantee on patios
-a 5 year guarantee on walls
-a 10 year guarantee on a new driveway  

We serve areas such as Lockport, Clarence, Hamburg, West Seneca, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Niagara Falls, and everywhere in between. We have also gone as far as North Collins, Springville, Rochester, and Albany. Give us a call for a consult on your next project! 

If you are a Do-It-Yourself'er and you are tired of the lightweight, flat-out cheap products you find in the big box stores, you need to come see us too! See our DIY Supply Center page for more information.

Benefits of Pavers vs. Concrete
  1. The colors are saturated completely through pavers as opposed to concrete colors which are only applied to the top. 
  2. Pavers are designed to flex with the changing of the Nothern seasons; Concrete will heave and crack, where pavers will heave and return to their original position.
  3. Costs are roughly the same to install concrete and pavers. 
  4. Paver sealer permeates through the entire block, whereas general concrete sealers only sit on the surface. 
  5. Pavers require far less maintenance than Concrete. 
  6. When the winter weather hits Northern States, Concrete will become slippery when things become icy, pavers will not. 
  7. The overall look and styles of pavers is timeless. 

Patio/Sidewalk/Driveway INSTALLATION
Book your Patio Installation by April 31, 2014 and recieve 10% off.

Book any hardscape installation and recieve 10% off up to $500.00
Patios/Sidewalks come standard with 7 year guarantee and driveways with 10 year guarantees, so long as proper maintainence is upheld. Not valid with any other special offer.

Buy any Napoleon Roll Cabinet or Built in grill and receive FREE Accessories (up to $50 value). 

Napoleon Grills (Roll Cabinet or Built In). Napoleon Gourmet Grills offer Lifetime Warranties on any grill. Not valid with any other special offers.